Ray J. Writz running for U.S. State Senate (Idaho) 2020

Constitution Party Affiliate of Idaho

Written Opposition and Political Stance


The Second Amendment is  essential to our liberty. We must resist all efforts to thwart this fundamental right.


Every human being is endowed by their Creator with the right to life. Roe v. Wade  as a case study in judicial activism, running contrary to the Constitution’s guarantee of our first liberty.


Immigration has been vital to America’s growth and strength as a nation; however, it is imperative to our national security and national integrity  that our borders be secured and our immigration laws respected.

Americans should not lose their jobs or see their wages kept low due to cheap, illegal labor.

Ray opposes amnesty in every form including President Obama’s unconstitutional  executive action.

He also opposes Islamic refugee resettlement in the absence of a vetting process that eliminates national security risks.


We must honor our commitments to veterans who have risked everything to preserve our freedoms. As a combat veteran who has used VA medical services, Ray will ensure that the nation keeps its promises to veterans.


Obamacare has been devastating for many in Idaho, precipitating the loss of insurance plans and doctors, and causing premiums to skyrocket.

Obamacare must be repealed. Idaho deserve healthcare freedom.

We must introduce free market principles that empower patients by giving more choices, at lower costs.

Ray favors tax-free health savings accounts, portable insurance policies, and removing artificial state barriers that drive costs up.


A strong national defense is the best deterrent to aggression.

The United States cannot be the world’s policemen. Our nation’s foreign policy must be guided by what is in America’s vital interest.

We must be vigilant to defend U.S.  interests and to eliminate any and all imminent threats to the peace and safety of our country. War must always be a last resort, but must be waged decisively and overwhelmingly when necessary. And we must NEVER commit our troops without Congressional authorization.


The Obama administration has overseen the country’s worst economic recovery since the 1940s, with anemic growth and low job creation. The true unemployment rate (including those who have left the work force) remains over 23 percent.

We must replace the failed policies of the Obama administration with initiatives based on time tested principles.  As Ronald Reagan reminded us, “Government is not the solution to our problems; government is the problem.”

Government does not create wealth; it consumes wealth. Ray will support tax reform that promotes economic growth and job creation. He will also seek to roll back onerous regulations that  inhibit a robust economy and thwart responsible resource development.

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